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Tainui Richmond! THE ONLY Tainui Richmond in the known Universe, and thus truly a one of a kind "boi", as he might refer to himself.

Waiting tables and shaking alcoholic beverages for many a subdued night-folk over his former years, Richmond armed himself with practiced wit and charm, attempting to brighten the day of the restaurant patron; if not to entertain himself at least. Combine that with an excruciatingly awkward sense of humour and you've got one big shiny bright goofball with an omnipresent smiley moustache, bursting onto the stage like an explosion in your heart, filling your lungs with laughter and joy as if reunited with that BFF you haven't seen in yonks.


It's easy to get lost amongst his dreamy lo-fi landscapes, like snowcapped indie-folk mountains, until you're caught off guard at the peak by the wind whispering a melancholy something in your ear that makes you chuckle and cry at the same time. Think Daniel Johns singing over Pet Sounds on toast, smeared with the existential crisis of Elliot Smith. As one fan exclaimed, "Its like a magic feeling, I feel like I could do anything!" Tainui is truly an act you don't wanna miss.

You can listen to his latest single live on all the streaming places!

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